The Polymath Company

Hacking your Challenges

Engineering your World

Empowering organizations to engineer best fit solutions to their tough and complex technical challenges!

We believe that technical challenges and extreme environments are the main obstacles to create progress and to innovate when pushing boundaries of current technology and knowledge.

Facing those challenges and understanding the reality and characteristics of the context and environment with key resources, creativity and simple smart decision process could mitigate the risk and trigger quick and efficient solutions.

The Polymath Company commits its resources to engineer solutions to face partner's tough technical challenges no matter how big or small they are.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary talents in Sciences, Technologies and Engineering, The Polymath Company help institutions, organizations and privates to engineer tailored solutions with a focus on systems engineering and reliability to provide sustainable and well adapted solutions.

Assessment/State of the art, Brainstorming, Design process, Design thinking, Conceptualization, System Enginerring, Solution Architecture, Implementation, Prototyping, Validation & Verification ... we can assist organizations in any phase or in the entire process to optimize constraints and leverage resources to achieve adaptive and smart solutions to the challenges.

Our Competencies

Multidisciplinary Talents

Polymath is the right word. Our talents are multidisciplinary in Sciences and Technologies which gives a unique approach to complex problem solving.

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Systems Engineering

We engineer solutions as a system being part of larger system to be as efficient and coherent as possible as well as being the best fit for the local conditions and context.

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Harsh Challenges

There is no environment or condition harsh enough for us. We strive with our partners to design the solution to the toughest conditions.

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Training and Support

We believe in Knowledge Sharing and Education. We do not just help solving the problems, but we do it while training our partners and supporting them to develop.

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Our Contributions